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What was the first ever Instructable?? Answered

What was the first:
Forum topic?
User profile?

When was the first:
Instructables T-Shirt made?
Limited edition gear used as a prize? (e.g. Victorinox knife with Instructables engraved on it)
Comment made?
Time this idea was brought up and how long did it take before the site was a reality?



Best Answer 3 years ago

Its really easy to find the first ones. Start with show everything, then sort by recent. Now go to the last page and those are the first ones that are still listed and active.


Aug 2005, so next year will be the 10th aniversary.

How long did it take pressing NEXT ?

I tried that but it comes up differently every time I do it.

I have seen that 'ible, it is very well done.


3 years ago

And the first comment and even the first comment on a comment are made on that instructable.

The first instructable is the "that instructable". This answer got moved around by the other comments.


3 years ago

About the first contest :

The first one I find listed is in 2005


But the accuracy of this list appears to be questionable.

You see it only lists one contest in 2007 but when you go to that contest it says it was in 2008.

Further I know there was at least one contest in 2007 because that is why I joined. I read about the contest in Popular Science magazine and looked up the site and the contest. This is the contest page.


I wrote my first instructable and entered it into this contest and I won a second place. So even though the contest is still on the site it is not listed in the contest archives.

Even though my instructable was a winner,


It never had a tag on it saying that it was, but that was before they were doing things like tags. In fact there was no such thing as featured either. Years later I got notified that the instructable was featured. I guess they went back and looked at some of the old ones.

By the way, the prize was a one year sub to Popular Science. And pro memberships did not yet exist so that was not part of the prize package.

Amazingly that one has been by far my all time highest viewed Instructable. I guess my first was my peak and it has been downhill ever since.

More on the contest :


By the way also, back then you had to join the contest group first and after you became part of the contest you could then submit an instructable to the contest.

Wow, that is pretty neat!

Your 'ible has a very continual comment stream, unlike others that are like 6years ago and then 1 hour ago yours is all the way through.

Good job winning that contest, it must have given you a lot of motivation!

A lot of the activity on that one is now generated by search engines. For example, if you Google "free air conditioning" that instructable is at the top of the list. That is what Jessie RatFink was talking about by the title being really important. Immediately you will get interest from the Instructables community on a newly published instructable, but down the road its the search engines that will generate ongoing traffic. So when you make a title for an instructabe it needs to be something that a search engine can lock on to, something that hints at an answer that people are looking for.

For example making an instructable with the title "What is an Instructable" will get hits from search engines because it answers what people are searching for.

I didn't know about that stuff when I wrote that one. It just worked out that way. Somehow I did it right.

Cool, I'm glad it worked out, I have read Jessy's guides many times.

I like using the keyword finders they are so fun!

Even though it said that a T shirt was part of the prize I don't remember getting one. But it appears that as far back as then they had T shirts.

Thanks, I saw that one - favourited straight away!

You really ought to research this yourself - do some searches, work out the syntax, then see if you can find the data yourself.

Yeah, I tried to do some searches but it sort of failed :(


33,440 and counting, and I am not the most prolific commenter here.

Yeah, I wasn't sure. I remembered he had a pretty high number. To my knowledge there is no way for a normal member to find out since that is not a statistic that we can search or sort for.

As I recall there used to be a "page" that listed all the members by user name but I believe that was removed or made private. A little foggy there. I can't find anything like that at the moment.

He didn't care for starting a comment with the word "So"...



3 years ago

To find the first question just sort by recent and then go back 300 plus pages to the first page. However keep in mind that the question format changed years ago and the true first questions are probably not listed there. The format they were asked under is not there anymore.

* in base Ten, B in Hex and " in Octal is the very best answer ever

42 !

I know that trick, but the first ever question, like you suggested - isn't going to be on there.


3 years ago

You do come up with interesting queries.

Well, someone has to come up with them sometime don't they?