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What was the first food-thing you ever made? Answered

Memory is truly the most precious and valuable gift we possess.  Love, contentment, spirituality are all up there in the top 10, but without the memory of these things, they cannot be appreciated.

As I was taking an enjoyable stroll down memory lane this morning, thoughts of my childhood BFF came to mind... which lead me to this topic.  I thought would be a great brain exercise and a fun discussion for us foodies. ;-) 

So what's the first thingyou ever made?  (Mud pies don't count. ;-)

My first almost-solo (no bossy mom!) was a Cheese Souffle.

I remember my bff had a duck... and the duck laid eggs... lots of them!  We found a mouth-watering Cheese souffle in some illustrated cookbook and the plan was hatched. ;-)  

Like good little 11 yo girls, we waited for her mom to go to work before commandeering the kitchen.  Our creation wasn't nearly as beautiful as this one.  I recall being quite disappointed as I watched the whole thing droop miserably when it came out of the oven.

lol... souffle FAIL, if there ever was one... but ya gotta start somewhere! ;-D

So what was your first cooking project?


I'm not sure it was the first thing but I made lemon icebox pie at 8,gingerbread(using a box mix) that's what I remember making .

I remember that my father showed me how to make my favorite breakfast when I was a child. It was scrambled eggs with ham and butter toast (toasted in the pan). Breakfast is still my favorite meal


4 years ago

You make me starving :">. The my first food recipe is spaghetti :). I 'd rather to make tomato sauce than boiling pasta lol

lol... we can't have you starving! Eat something! ;-)

Probably toast. I believe the first thing I ever made by myself was toast. ;)

But the second thing I ever made (mostly messes) was a soup playing outside.
It was a boring and lonely day since yet again my neighbors and best friends were out for the day. My dad was mostly working on some kind of project with his tools and he happened to have his blowtorch out. For what ever reason I had the brilliant idea, to play mommy in the kitchen. Somehow I set up something over the blowtorch and my dad turned the thing on low and I found this old pot lying around the yard. We had a lot of junk lying around since my dad was always making things. So anyways I filled the pot with water, got a few things from the garden and some things from the yard like a pealed and cleaned Queen Ann's lace, a type of weed. I put it all together and watched it boil over the flame of the blow torch.
When I felt it was done, I let it cool and pretended to eat it. I actually do remember tasting it too. I think it was not bad either. I later gave it to our chickens at the time. I regularly did that. Sometimes I even fried worms for them too. LOL But hay I was regularly lonely, sometimes bored but mostly curious and totally creative. That’s just how I made some entertainment that’s all.

The first REAL thing I ever made (and by that I mean my own recipe) was this weird spinach concoction that my older brother actually liked for some reason. Basically I just took a huge bag of spinach added some olive oil and about 6-8 garlic cloves, (which is like half a thing of garlic) and sauteed it until it was cooked. then I divided it into two servings and grated on as much Parmesan cheese as humanly possible. I am fairly sure that the only reason my brother liked it was because he was cutting weight for wrestling season and this would burn off fairly easily. Anyhoo, this was his favorite food he could have until wrestling season was over and then as soon as he could eat what he wanted he immediately forgot about it and ate as much food as possible, consisting mainly of meat, which meant that this didn't make the cut. Although as soon as wrestling season starts next year, he is probably going to ask me to make it again, although this time with a little less garlic. :)

The first thing that I made on my own was scrambled eggs back when I was about 8 or so. I never liked the way my mom scrambled eggs because she would overcook them to the point that they had spots of browning. By making them myself I could make them nice and runny like I like them.

Hey mdamaso! I like my eggs scrambled "soft", too.

Hay bajablue! I like your taste in food! I just went through your past Instructables and wow are there a lot of great looking recipes in there. That apple glazed turkey looks delicious and the jalapeno pie, well, you don't know this yet but I live for jalapenos!

Well thanks so much!!! Always happy to oblige a fellow Jalapeno Foodie! ;-D

My very first thing I ever attempted was a Charlie Brown Fudge recipe from a book. I ended up with a Non-Newtonian fluid rather than acgtual fudge....it tasted good, but when you cut a piece out, it would fill in the space again..... *sigh* (RATS !) LOL

You know, Goodhart... it sounds like you may have created the very first (now famous!) Chocolate Volcano cake! ;-D

Well.....just the contents of the volcano....the lava....and of course, the wrong color altogether :-)

The first thing i can remember is green beans. I used to help my mom in the kit. all the time, but my very first homemade recipe was fresh green beans:-) Its not very fancy but it was a start.

Oh, lucky you, musicalsoul!  Growing up, I always hated canned green beans.  I never had them FRESH until I was in my 30's and I've loved them ever since.  It's one of the few vegetables I insist on growing here in Baja because they only sell the canned junk here.

Lol.....wow.....ive grown some too and they taste much better fresh off the vine than any storebought beans:)

Aside from the cookies made at Christmas every year with my mom and grandma, I'd say it was probably fried potatoes.

I just sliced them thin, coated them in lemon pepper seasoning and fried them up. I would make them on weekends for my best friend and younger sister. I'm now wondering why I did not keep making them. :D

Probably because you've perfected the sweet potato fry, jessy! ;-)

Well no freakin memory ..well maybe of that...what fun we must have had. My first memory was using my Easy Bake oven. I used the mixes that came with it and I remember I mixed the pie filling and crust powder together instead of doing them separate...ha. I then used the Oven to melt crayons and other fascinating science projects...I graduated to being the queen of bisquick surprises so my brother and I would have treats while that mom was away at work...teehee..love u sis

The Easy Bake oven!!! I loved that thing. I would just add water to the mixes and eat them though. We always ran out so quick!

I never had (or asked Santa for) an easy-bake oven. At age 6, I wanted no part of anything kitchen-related. lol... Barbie, either.

Do you remember dunking tube biscuits in melted butter and rolling them in cinnamon sugar before baking? Do you remember Milk Toast? Do you remember me???

lol... just messin' with ya. xxooxxoo ;-)


5 years ago

Going for a souffle as a first, explains your superb and natural skill demonstrated here.

My first made was spaghetti with sliced hotdog, melted butter and ketchup in post fourth grade summer.


lol... I guess (looking back) a cheese souffle was a pretty ambitious first attempt.  I just didn't know my limitations... and I still don't.  ;-)

Your first attempt sounds like a kids gourmet meal! ;-P~

Beyond toast and sandwiches, the first thing I remember was sausage rolls at school. By the time I got them home, I had a box of meat pellets sitting in a pile of pastry powder.