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What was the first thing to influence you artistically or creatively? Answered

My most treasured memory was the collection of books at school, they had pictures of Illuminated Letters. I am still facinated by the beautiful colours,the use of Gold and the complex intertwining of the illuminations. The next I can recall was Paisly. This too is an intertwining of colours and shapes. What about you?


You know, I've been pondering this question since the topic went up, and I have absolutely no idea what my actual influences have been.

My mother used to cook lots, before she got to ill to handle pans. I don't cook.

My father has working in various parts of the building industry for nearly five decades, including teaching it, but I can't do pointing.

Of all things, I think it's been my pupils' demands that pushed me into making stuff - they wanted to do cool practical activities, but I didn't have the budget, I had the theory, but not the specialist hardware, so I started working on ways to do stuff on the cheap (have you seen my thermometer and force meter Instructables?).

My first burst of making was kites (hence the name), then I got a hankering to make a jet engine, google brought me here via Make magazine, and the rest is history.

Neccesity is the mother of invention.

My mom. She was always sewing things when I was younger and she taught me how to use a sewing machine when I was about 7 maybe. She always encouraged me to go with the ideas I had (as long as I didn't make a mess, or cleaned it up if I did make a mess). I'm extremely thankful for that.

I used to go to the market on Saturday and buy a yard and a half of material,(usually gingham) go home and sew a skirt to wear that night. This is one of my fondest memories. No pattern required just gathers into a waistband. Add a white broderie anglaise blouse, a petticote with a wire hem (hoop), pointy toed shoes and I was ready to Rock and Roll.

That's awesome :D I never use patterns either, I find them much more difficult to deal with... I've been thinking about making some ibles about sewing clothes, but our sewing machine is currently under a pile of boxes :\

Me thinks thou doth protest too much. get it out and get sewing.

The first thing to really get me interested in drawing was in I was in second grade and I found some tracing paper. I had to kill time in the library cause' I wasn't behaving to well so I was put off to the side doing nothing. I used the tracing paper to trace the picture of two cars and two airplanes. Over time I began to attempt to draw stuff withought tracing, if I hadn't done those drawings (which I still have lol) I don't know if I would have ever gotten interested in drawing at all.

Thanks for that. I even drew when writting an essay or book revue. eg. Tale of Two Cities had a cart with prisoners in it. Something historical would have Pillars broken and tumbled.

lol so did I =D It drove some of my teachers nuts how many little drawings I would sketch in the margins or on the back of homework papers.

Same for me now. I have bits of paper and envelopes with "doodles" everywhere. I go through them now and again to see if there is anything special. If not out the go.

Yeah, fortuanetly I don't have many to go through... most of them were written on papers that I had to give to the teacher or I just didn't bother keeping.