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What was wrong with instructables at 8:30 p.m. EST? Anyone know.? Answered

I mean it said 503 error. Server was not able to be connected with. What does that mean? I was in a corner in the fetal position crying from instructables withdrawal. What was wrong?


Possible Server update. "sitting in a corner in a fetal position crying from instructables withdrawal" is not an uncommon, but likely, side effect. please consult a physician or a psychiatrist for more details on how to reduce the effects by which this site has upon the human body, soul, and mind. If Withdrawal symptoms occur for more than 48 hours, or you experience to itchy, scratchy, or reddened skin, eyes, or mouth.. stop visiting instructables and seek medical attention immediatly.

i was gutted, only been on here a few days, and loving it, then NOTHING OMG, thought it may have closed down. glad you're back

. A 503 error means that the computer supervising the server is up and running, but the server itself is down; often for maintenance and updates. Unless it's a catastrophic failure, the 503 will usually disappear after a few minutes. TGMG is probably right about an update. . When the server is down, Ibles will often redirect to a page with a paper wallet project on it - I guess someone forgot to activate that.


9 years ago

5:30 PST...