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What was your biggest project ever? Answered

What's your proudest, best, biggest, project you ever made or in the middle of making. Do not post of what you're planning to make because every can plan, but few can make ;). My proudest, biggest, most expensive thing that I'm making right now is a CNC machine, I'm about 50% done with the power supply (~37 volts at 8 amps, and 12 volts at 2 amps, for driving stuff like fans, total cost? about 60-70 dollars), about 75% done with the electronics (I've made 3 PicStep boards, all that's left on them is to solder on the pic microcontroller, which is comming in the mail, for 3 controller boards was about 30-40 dollars. The 4-axis breakout board, for future improvement, cost about 10 dollars to make). The stepper motors are 297oz/in so it's going to be beastly :). I've soldered well over 600 joints. I've etched 5 boards, some didn't come out well, drilled over 600 holes. Total time spent so far? about 10-15 hours. Can't imagine all of the work of actually building the main frame of the cnc router, but it'll all pay off. Not bad for the age of 13.


cool projects everybody!

4'X8'X24' Half pipe: $800 from scratch =)

But that's only up till now. I'm working on a tree house with a functional elevator (no, not a dumbwaiter; it's going to lift people) with my cousin.

I bought a water front cottage. It was pretty much condemned. paid $6000 for it. Problem is ERCA (essex county conservation authority) protected all the land it was on...... can't build anything new on it...... must keep an existing wall and it can't be any bigger then it originally was. I had to tear down the entire cottage while maintaining the original stud walls..... rebuilt the entire cottage pretty much from scratch...... with absolutly Zero renovation experience. It was a project and a half....... took me the whole summer every day 10 hours a day......2 summers ago to get it done. then every weekend the following summer. (had 4 months off work the first summer)..... did everything from new exterior walls siding roofing drywall plumbing wiring flooring windows decks ....... everything........ that was my biggest project ever. until next summer...... I said earlier that it was waterfront property........ but there is a 50 foot cliff down to the water....... this summer I'm building stairs down to the water with a deck halfway down and it almost a 90 degree drop straight down....... this will be interesting

I am currently making a freestanding sculpture christened "Max Treble." He has a mannequin body and a 20lb-1940's-public-address-speaker head. It has taken almost two months and roughly $120.00. My favorite part was cutting the head off with a saws-all.