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What will be power supply given to IR leds? Answered

have connected 23 IR leds in a series. I want to know that what will be the minimumm voltage given to IR leds so that they do not blow. Please tell me the power supply for 31 IR LEDs in series also as fast as you can.


There are other bits to the internet, are you asking the same question in more than one of them?



5 years ago

You will want to run the IR LEDs using a constant current.

Because even the same lot number of LED has variations
and depending on a rock stable voltage across 31 IR LEDs
in series can be way off.

Even the chart in point shows a 1.5 to 1.7 forward voltage drop
for IR LEDs.

As a worst case design 31*1.7 => 33 Volts min a tough voltage.
So lets look at an easier to get 24VDC supply and use the LED
array wizard.   i like solution # 2


+1 but check out the wizard yourself, link 3, because you can use lots of different size power supplies.

Depends on the leds. What's their specification ?