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What will roll a can automatically? Answered

A while back someone posted a way to make ice cream, put your ice cream recipe mixture in a small coffee can, put that can in a larger coffee can and it surround the smaller one with ice and rock salt. You were supposed to roll it back and forth but I want something that will roll it automatically. I thought about an old toy rock tumbler or maybe I could find an old hot dog roller, anyone have any other ideas for something I could use?


Put it in the boot of your car and go for a drive!!

mount it on something that rotates: like a drill or other direct-drive gearmotor to give a good rotation speed.

place it on top of something that will suport it and rotate (like a rock tumbler)

Place it IN another rotating cylinder: Put it in a clothes dryer on air fluff with the baffles removed. For added spouse-annoyance, put it in a clothes dryer with the baffles INSTALLED.

place it at the top of a very long hill...release...

attach to the back of a slow-moving car...such as a lawnmower, power wheelchair, or a toyota.

ship it to the third world and pay someone to rotate it slowly.


7 years ago

Make a rocker box. Nail a box to an old rocking chair or cradle, place the can inside and gently rock. The can will roll back and forth in the box.