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What would Douglas Adams do? Answered

So I'm about to embark on a month long voyage across the US and A (well, pretty much the places JetBlue services) - here's a cross link:

So now, I'm left with a situation. I've never traveled for 1 month at a time (a week, at most, is my experience). And obviously packing light is a must (no problem). So that leaves me with a question....

What would Douglas Adams Pack?
1. A Towel - I'm claiming that one before the first 42 replies state so
2. ?

What else and what would/do you pack? I've got clothing covered ;)


a combat load of socks and underwear and get them little sheets that have the detergent built into it, that way you can do laundry with out having to carry loose powder or liquid detergent.

Well, you're traveling in the states so it's not like you won't be able to get most things you need along the way anyway. Just worry about the stuff you won't think you'll be able to find if it runs out. Gadgets: - camera - small laptop - cell phone - mp3 player - ebook (was nice on my last trip) - chargers and cords for all Toiletries - medications - shampoo/conditioner - hair product other - postcard stamps (you'll have time and they're fun to send and the stamps can be a pain to find) Borrow any gadgets you don't have. You can probably trade a laptop for a netbook for a month, for example.

Stamps for postcards! Brilliant! Snail mail for personal use is almost a novel form of communication for my/our generation - it would be fun! I probably didn't need to tell you that considering your previous mail experiments :p I guess addresses of places to send would be necessary too :p Got the little laptop covered (Asus 1000) :D I just love 6+ hour (realistic - not 7.8 claimed) battery life.

Duct tape! Every single time I've gone someplace I've needed duct tape or someone else has.

MP3 PLAYER!! With music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. And extra earbuds. Cuz you'll wear out at least one pair. (Can't stress enough)

A good knife. You always need one when you don't haz one.