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What would a standard workbench to build crazy things have? Answered


A dremel for sure, with lots of bits A computer for research( although not necessarily by the workstation) standard fasteners Cutting tools (precision etc) It depends on what you want to build, I'd recommend just looking for projects you'd like to make and buy the necessary tools as you need them.

Second the recommendation to start with the basic tools you'd use around the house anyway, and add tools when you have a specific project that needs them. Remember, the more money you spend on tools the less money you have to buy parts/materials to actually do the projects.... and fancier tools generally don't actually let you do more, they just let you do it more easily and faster.

I am sort of new to Instructables,
I have lurked for a long time but have decided to contribute and share my journey of transforming an old beatup 36' Class A Motorhome into a steampunk themed rolling home by the name of the "Pertinacious Seeker".
I have mused long and hard about my worlbench and below is what I wrote recently about it.

What is a workbench?

To the uninitiated, a workbench simply consists of a well lit, clean level working area with storage areas for tools and supplies situated at a comfortable height. But a workbench is not simply a spot to throw tools and to stack junk on.

A proper workbench is an extension of the soul of the”Maker”, a thing of beauty that reflects the spirit of the craftsman who pours his life’s blood, his creative energies, out upon the unsuspecting and innocent world. Given that, what does my workbench look like?

Hidden in the long dark avenues of my soul an outrageous idea has taken hold of me. I now believe in the Perfect Workbench. My conviction does not end there either, for I believe that there is a perfect workbench for me. Even more, I know that my perfect workbench already exists. It lies unseen in the realms of ideas, hidden from the eyes of mortals, lurking silently, waiting to take form.

My Perfect Workbench is a marvel of the ancient and the modern, encompassing my love for antiquated tomes, modernity and the sublime symmetry of clockwork. Outwardly, it appears to be formed from wood and brass, but secreted within, advanced technologies await to inflict their terrible wrath upon the waking world. In dozens of small drawers within easy reach lie unspeakable devices and relics of unknowable origin hidden from the fragile eyes of man. Suspended from serpentine coils rising from the surface, burning lights strip away the comforting darkness exposing to all the gruesome truth of reality. From far below, hidden bellows pull at the very air, carrying away the stench of burning flesh, circuitry and the dust of ancient stone beyond the range of my deteriorating humanity. And buried within it’s form is a gateway to a realm of the unwanted offal of ill advised pursuits.

I can see it with my waking eyes.

All that remains is to bring this, My Perfect Workbench, to me.

Gotta have a good vise and plenty of power outlets.


7 years ago

1 Stable workbench 2 Large vice, with nice parallel holders 3 Multiple electric outlets 4 Variable power supply 5 Old computer 6 most important: Space and order 7 Comfortable chair/ seat 8 Great illumination 9 Magnifiers, reading glasses, stereo microscope 10 Paper, pencils and a whiteboard 11 no phone

Crazy tools, flame thrower, CNC machine. Without knowing your aims it is hard to be specific.

You budget has an impact as does the space you have available. Look to the right of this question for some good ideas.

Variable power supply.