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What would be a good material to line a hot tub with? Answered

      Im working on building a hot tub near my house. Its going to be a pit with a layer of mud, clay and hay for some insulation as well as a solid wall for the tub. Now im just looking for a material for a lining on top of that. I've looked at cement and epoxy resins which both look like a tricky and expensive way to do it. Now im thinking I'm going to have to just use some plastic like visqueen or something but I'd like to see what the great instructable community has to brainstorm on the matter.
      One thing to be taken into account is the fact that im building this hot tub 300 yards up a mountain so whatever materials I use must be able to fit in a 4X5 cart. I have pulleys and things to make weight not too much of a concern.

Thanks for your help guys!



6 years ago

Swimming pool liner and appropriate glue. Free form, easy to transport, cheap (you could use reclaimed liner), comfortable to sit on, easy to install.


6 years ago

Hay is going to go nasty on you....
You might use wood, but that'll be tricky to assemble.
Concrete and tiles would work, but you'd have no insulation.

Most people would use glass-fibre and resin, I suggest that.