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What would be an appropriate diode for a motor driver? Answered

I'm currently building a brushless motor driver, and need to get some diodes to go accross the MOSFETs to prevent the reverse current going through them.

The absolute maximum forward voltage through the motor is 15V, at 25A, so do the diodes also need to withstand this, or can lower ratings, such as 10A be used.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, they need to withstand at least that.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'll try to post an instructable once it's all running.


6 years ago

You do know all mosfets have an intrinsic inverse high speed diode built in.

The only time you would put one in parallel would be to lessen current loading.


I didn't know that they all had a diode in.

Thanks again for the help, and for saving me some money.