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What would be the Easiest and most efficient way to make this? Answered

I need a circuit that has a switch between 3 and 5 minute off times and a 3-5 second on time that repeats.  It needs ot ahve an on off switch and be as as efficient and compact as possibly, and fairly easy to make.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I need to order parts for it, so the parts I need would be nice.



7 years ago

What was wrong with the answers we gave you six days ago ?


All the answers from six days ago were basically "don't use a 555 timer". I thought mabey Zi'c get something more helpful with a rephrased question.

Here is a circuit just 4 you.
The timer is a 555 doing a 1 second frequency pulse.
The switch lets you select a 3 sec or a 5 sec count
which is further divided by 60 to provide 3 min or 5 minutes
depending on the single switch.
It runs until your power dies. A


Maybe he's a write-only user.

Sounds like the annoyatron...


Same could be done with an astable 555 timer. (search for it...it's very easy and efficient)