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What would be the best knex ball machine lift without chain and only using 1 motor? Answered

It needs to lift about 6 feet. Thanks!!


The esest lift is the chain path lift. But because it is so simular than the chain lift i think you won'nt build it. You could build the mill lift, but it uses quite a lot of yellow geers on such a hight. If you rather like somthig turning you should use a lardge rotating arme lift. Of course you could also use a alternative chain lift, but it is again simular to the chain lift. You could also try to invent a lift at your one. If you like more lifts than one you could try to power many lifts with one and the same motor. I hope I could be helpful.

There is a few lifts you can use like a large arm, a giant arm or wheel, helix lifts, stepping lifts, and mill lifts. You can find them all here.https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Official-Guide-to-Knex-Ball-Machine-Lifts/

try looking at shadowman39s page he has a bunch of lifts happy building:)