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What would be the best modifications to a duct tape wallet? Answered


loook at the modifications on this one tapedcoats.zxq.net pretty awsome

Any modifications that prove to be useful or serve to make the wallet more attractive. The very best, as it relates to instructables bragging rights, would be something that becomes very popular and well liked. There's no magic formula for this, you just have to come up with something that people want to see. But you're not asking just to get an idea for an 'ible?

 And, no. This isn't for an 'ible. I'm taking a poll because I'd rather someone else use the results to make one, seeing as all of my duct tape wallets look like crap.

pocket knifepocket
snap or velro-close pockets


8 years ago

fill it with money you thic wanker.com

Anything you would look for when you're out shopping for a regular wallet. If that's not enough, anything you would look for when shopping for a coat.

put one of those noisy cricket things from "Men in Black" in it. and one of those memory eraser thingies. then get a nice suit and go hunt some aliens!>:D
But for real, use some of that metallic duck tape thats all shiny:D

Pockets with a little clear window are usually pretty cool.

most duct tape wallets that i have seen do not have a place for I.D. and i think that would be usefull.