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What would be the best way to construct a kiln? Answered

I'd like to build a kiln with an interior roughly 8 cubic feet (2' x 2' x 2'). Does anyone have any experience making such a device or have any suggestions on how to do it? If it is only practical to build a smaller one, that's perfectly fine as well. Thanks


How hot, and what are you heating it with? Some kind of brick box is probably what you're after - can you get any bricks? How big does the entrance need to be? L

Wow, forgot I asked the question and was about to ask it again... I'm sure I can get my hands on whatever materials would work best. It needs to be able to reach temperatures around 1100C. Not sure how to heat it. I'd like an opening as large as possible, but if smaller is easier, smaller is better.

Thank you for the info. Pretty much exactly the kind of info I was looking for.