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What would be the best way to split an 8 ft log down the middle? Answered

i need to get a good of a split as possible but it makes it very hard when it is so long ... yea hahaha ...


The bark will give a good indication if the wood will split strait or twist.  Type of wood and green v seasoned as well.

I don't think length makes it as hard as width, but I may be wrong. WIde logs need several mauls in the crack, all being driven forwards very evenly. Like GH says, the TYPE of wood is critical - you won't split lengths in woods like elm, as he says.

What diameter is the log ? Bandsaws OR chainsaws won't work either if its too thick, unless you take it to a specialist with a woodmizer.


For a split not a cut, you're looking at a skilled-job, that'll take a bit of time. Maul & wedges, like others suggest.


How you do it will depend on what result you need and th' type of wood yer splittin' ,  tangle grained woods like elm or hickory are extremely difficult to cleanly split with a maul and wedges !

If you have to saw it ,  and a wide kerf is no problen ,  nail a good straight 2X4 to it and use that as a guide for a chain saw !

Or ,  if it will fit use a table saw !


8 years ago

Abe Lincoln did it with a maul and wedges.  Or you can rent a bandsaw mill or if you live in the proximity of a lumber mill, see if they will do it for a fee.

Bandsaw? You may need to affix a guide board to the side to keep it stable on the table.