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What would be the dimensions of a Hi-Quality YouTube Video in pixels? Answered


The videos are converted to the correct size after you upload them. Just take whatever you have and upload as is.

Well. OK then. But what is the best size for best quality?

The best size for the best quality would be 1080p which is actually 1920 x 1080. Because of the file size, it would probably only work for short clips. Perhaps if you tell us what you're trying to upload (including the total length) we could give more helpful answers?

Also, check out their upload guidelines for best results here for your specific video.

MPEG4, most likely is the best compromise between file size and the quality of the video. MPEG4 is recommended by youtube. AVI is very high quality, as I understand it, but then the file size is substantially increased. however, this is very suitable for short videos. MOV,WMV and other formats these are acceptable but definitely not the best choice. a resolution of 320*240 is recommended by youtube

I think I may post another question like this but worded differently. I might post a link to it here after awhile.

320*240 is a good compromise, however