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What would be the easiest way to make my security camera rotate 180 degrees? Answered

The cheapest or easiest way to make my security camera rotate?


You will need to find a small motor that rotates SLOWLY, then attach a MIRROR. If the camera was pointing UP... then the mirror could rotate around a full 360 degrees! and the camera wires will not even need to bend or flex! If you are insisting on the 180 degrees... sorry. my idea won't work. That is how police emergency lights are made to look like they "rotate" actually, often the lightbulb is stationary, while a mirror rotates around the bulb. Good luck, framistan.

If you mean in an automated fashion...well, I can think of a dozen ways to get it to do the job, but I'm being lazy for the moment and am going to say purchase a unit made to do it, since that's the "easiest"... por moi'. you might be able to find one on EBAY for a song...

A ball joint tripod head would let you rotate it manually. Did you want it to be automated?