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What would happen if I launched a model rocket with butane pumped into the body? Answered


While there is a "be nice" policy here, I'd have to call this idea irresponsible at best. The obvious result would be an explosion ranging from a harmless airburst to a CATOed engine causing a ground fire that you could be held liable for.  This is the sort of behavior that gives rocketry a bad name and puts local fire marshals on the warpath.

We used to make cheapo fireworks in this manner, adding aluminum filings and bits of steelwool packed into the nosecone and the top of the rocket body...Be very careful,. this stuff can hurt you.

then you would launch a model rocket with butane pumped into the body.

You would have to get the mixture right. Pressurised with air it may explode. Unpressurised with the right amount of air you might well get it to launch. Too much gas or air and you'd be disappointed. L

No, I mean, launching a rocket with a solid fuel engine, but with butane added inside the body, under the parachute.

(helps to be specific in the question) I'm not sure that this would do much for you. If you get a good flash from these - liquid, like lighter fluid might be better? L

Ah well, if you can add lighter fluid (i.e. Zippo fluid, not butane gas) and you get a good enough flash out of the rocket-motor, I'd guess you's see a fireball of sorts, and the nose-cone would be burned. Only way to find out is to try it I suppose? L

The reverse ignition from the solid fuel engine would ignite the butane. If the nose cone were tight enough, you would have a Challenge reenactment. Have fun. To make is real good, glue the nose cone in, seal the engine in, drill a hole through the nose cone, add the butane and reseal with tape or adhesive. launch and take photos. Send them to me. I'll get a kick out of it.

Remember of course to stand back quite a bit further than usual... if it does launch AND blow, there's a good chance it's going to take a dangerously screwy trajectory.