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What would happen if I tried to connect two ADSL modems onto the same phone line? Answered

I have two RJ-11 phone outlets and two ADSL modems. I need to have one modem in my office to plug the VOIP box into and the other computer won't accept the Netgear wireless adaptor. I have another modem but I don't want to find out that connecting them in series is like feeding a mogwai after midnight.



Oh, my God! Whatever you do, don't cross the streams! That would be bad.

Meh, it's not as if all life as you know it will stop instantaneously and every molecule in your body will explode at the speed of light.

I talked to my tech support about that because I have 2 modems. They said it would s*** the bed (mogwai style); because they both talk on the same frequency. You need to hook up 1 dsl modem, into a switch, then use the multiple IPs from your isp on nodes plugged into the switch.

Also, just use a gateway/router plugged into the modem - It greatly simplifies things.

OR - a telephone line network extender. Plugs into the phone jack(s) at each end, and creates a virtual ethernet connection to both ends. it has a pass-thru for the dsl modem, so you hook modem in 1 room, router to computer, then extender to voip box.

You'd need to have the two machines sharing the same ASDL connection. Can you use a cable if not wireless? L

I could use cable, I'd need about 25 metres though. I did want the two machines on the same ADSL account, that's no problem.