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What would make a good cushion for a bike mounted video camera to minimize the vibration? Answered

By cushion I mean like a gel bag or something. See this video to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. It appears that this clip was shot by the mounted camera which can be seen, but it actually was shot by holding the camera on a monopod in one hand as I rode. The mounted footage was way to jittery. The mount that is there on the crossbar needs to be cushioned somehow to at least make it as good as what you see, but not some big Steadycam contraption. The obvious answer is a good POV cam but the good HD ones are serious money. I appreciate any head scratching on this one.


I've gone through every one I could find. None are satisfactory.

yea. it's hard to do. Whatever you do you have to over-engineer EVERYTHING. I tried something like this once and it was simply too wobbly. I would say make a 20 inch cube-like frame out of 1/2 PVC pipe, then run elastic from all 8 corners to the 4 corners of a square mount in the middle of this thing. The camera mounts on top of this. The whole thing mounts to your bike some how. Experiment with different elastic bands till you hit a sweet spot. I used the same design out of cardboard and duct tape for my egg drop in highschool. By the end we were throwing the thing at the walls and the ground as hard as we would trying to break the egg, it never broke.

Thinking more about this, what is being discussed is a baby shock absorber for the camera. I'm not worried about side to side motion. The vibration is a verticle movement. So something more like the piston gadget that supports the hood of your car seems to make sense. I'm trying to think of other small fragile things that need shock absorbed and how it's done.

Pretty good idea. Thanks man. Gives me something to think about. The elastic would be the final decider. Too loose and the camera is all over the place. I was thinking of some sort of jello-like base or a special rubber. Or just mount the too big camera to my shoulder somehow like the weapon on the Predator.

There are heaps of instructables on this