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What would the cheapest lpa (low pressure air) system be priced (paintball) ? Answered

I'm going to be buying a JT USA Cybrid that operates on low pressure air systems. I need to know what a cheap LPA System would cost. I haven't found a cheap one yet, but I know their out there.


JT Cybrid will not run on lpa. You either need a cheap CO2 tank for about 20 bucks, or you can go the route of H.P.A which for a 68ci 3000 psi aluminum tank would run about 35-50 dollars. You could also get a carbon fibre hpa tank that can go up to 4500 psi for 130+ and is a lot lighter.

Hpa: More expensive but better. It's more consistent and you know how much you have left. Can also be made of carbon fibre, which makes it alot smaller and holds more air. Size is measured in CI (Cubic Inch) and PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Co2: Cheaper but is not very consistent, gets extremely cold, and you can't tell how much you have left.

Here is how you decided what type of bottle to get:
Is your gun an Angel?
-If you answered "Yes" buy LPA
-If you answered "No" buy HPA
simple as that

It operates on low pressure yes, however this means that the high pressure comes in from the asa, goes into a lpa regulator, and low pressure goes into the gun.