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What would you build with a new laser cutter? Answered

If you won, what's on the project building agenda? This isn't part of the contest, I'm just curious.




7 years ago

Oh good! I found this old question and since another laser cutter contest is currently at the voting stage I thought It very topical. I would build:
From individually cut pieces, I would assemble a pattern featured in George Bains book 'Celtic Knotwork' . It is the spiral pattern centrepiece of the Aberlemno Stone .
The reader is informed that the pattern can be 'broken out' of its circular form but not told how.  I worked at it, I broke it out and in the process discovered an underlying pattern which convinces me that it could be put onto a sphere.  I've carried that idea in my head for twenty years.

So, to reiterate the question:

What would you do?

This topic was supposed to show up on the contest page, but we've got a bug :)

I'd use it, among manymanymany other things, to make components for my jewlery. I'd love to feature more organic materials in my designs without paying through the nose for them.