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What would you do if you came face to face with one of these? Answered

Say you were walking down the street at 10pm on your way home from the park, when suddenly you heard the bushes beside you rustling and out pops a zombie (like the one below.) And all you have on you is a red cloth, a flashlight, and a piece of paper... WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Say what you would do, and if i think that your answer is the best you will be featured in my next instructable... Please answer before 31 August.. :)


well, I wouldnt attack it, as zombies do tend to bite, I would turn the flashlight on and drop it, because zombies are attracted to light, if I could, I would tie the red cloth around his legs so he would have to crawl instead of run, then I would run into some kind of shelter free of infestation and lock and barricade the doors and windows.


9 years ago

I would politely ask him to stop. I would sit down and talk with him. I would help him with whatever problems he has, and be there for him. Zombies are people too, and they have feelings. You need to repect them, and they won't attck you.

 I would ask: does your mom knows what yur doing, or i would lend a chsinsaw


I would say "no i won't spare any change you tramp".

kill it run home & enact my zombie plan(to make alchahol. what theres going to b a zomie economy isn't there give them that alchohol & watch them mill around killing other zombiez fur fun. kool way make a zombie,zombie killing drone to take care of the problem

I'd probably complement him on the makeup job, but suggest that his acting needs a bit more work.

I'd pick up the shotgun off the ground that I dropped a few minutes ago in order to pick up the cloth...........

Blind him with the torch, stuff the cloth in his mouth so he can't bite, and then give him papercuts until you behead him.

tear the paper up into tiny pieces put it in the red cloth then take apart the torch to form an igniter, tie the cloth with the paper to the igniter and throw it at the zombie who now bursts into flame.

first i would use my little known skills of advanced origami self defence and fold the paper into a knife blade , the cloth into a pretty handle for said blade then using my weapon to keep the undead at bay my next skill ,learned from watching every mcgiver episode would be to use one hand(the other is fending off zombie)i would disassemble flashlight and rebuild it as an electric fence surrounding myself , then i could rest as the zombie continues to fry while trying to reach me


9 years ago

I would begin to walk calmly away. Zombies cannot walk fast, jog or run contrary to popular belief. Then, I would blow my nose on the hankie just to add some more normalcy to the situation. Then use the flashlight to find my way home to wait for him with a crowbar. Maybe I'd leave a nice note for anyone in the area with the piece of paper to alert them of an imminent Zombie apocalypse.

well obviously, I have this flashlight, so I transform it and blast what's left of his face off.

then, put the red cloth in my shirt as a bib, use the paper as a napkin and chow down. I only kill what I'll eat, even if it's already dead.

oh, just no fire. I'm sure you already know that, but it doesn't kill them fast enough and you have a flaming zombie attacking you.


9 years ago

Well, what I whould do is stuff the cloth in his mouth, stick the flashlight in his ear and kick him in the naughtybits.

My friend h as a better suggestion Put the paper On his hand so he doesnt get mutated Keep punching him And hit him with the torch Then strangle him with The red cloth

id shine the torch in his eyes chuck the paper in his mouth (meant to be effective against zombies apparently) Wrap the red cloth round his nextand strangle him till his head popped off!