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What would you do with 2 very large toroidal transformers? Answered

I found a few of these http://www.alliedelec.com/search/productdetail.aspx?sku=70181130   while salvaging pelican cases. They're really expensive, so I imagine they must be useful for something. Any ideas?

Brand/Series :  182 Series
Configuration :  Toroidal
Current, Secondary :  10/5 A
Dimensions :  2.27"H×5.06"O.D
Frequency :  50/60 Hz
Length, Lead :  8 "
Mounting Type :  Panel/Chassis
Number of Outlets :  2
Phase :  1
Power, Rating :  300 VA
Primary Type :  Dual
Standards :  UL, CSA, CE
Termination :  Leadwires
Type :  Power
Voltage, Primary :  117/234 VAC
Voltage, Secondary :  30/60 VAC
Weight :  5.58 lbs.



Best Answer 5 years ago

+1 to Steve's answer (I can't comment on it?!)

Those are good for something big. 10A @ 30/60V - that's 300/600W -wow!

A linear power supply, an audio amplifier, a radio amateur amplifier, a power supply for a massive LED display. They are good for anything big.

Of course, you could use them in a circuit needing the voltage (30/60V~) and a much lower current. But you will have a oversized / overweight solution.

If you don't have a project to use them yourself, ask your friends or try to sell them on ebay. If everything fails, sell them to a scrap dealer but don't expect too much.

Ideal for a big audio amp, or sell them on Ebay.