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What would you do with a Deuterium Lamp? Answered

I was going through a box of junk a University Lab wanted to get rid of and I pulled out a Deuterium Lamp. This small thing produces a steady blue-green light as powerful as a camera flash, but most of the light these things create is in the UV Spectrum. I Feel like I must make something with this. My First thought is to block the UV so I don't blind anyone and turn it into a bike light, but I already have an epic 300 LED bike light. Can anyone think of a good application for a powerful source of UV Radiation?


UV spectrophotometer, that's possibly what it came out of? Or PCB etching? L

It came from a spectrometer. Using it for PCB etching is a great idea, I should have thought of that. I'm crossing my fingers that the next box of old lab equipment I find has some photosensitive emulsion in it.

Start designing your Hallowe'en decorations - you could make them all glow in the dark.