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What would you do with a half dozen 4 liter glass jars? Answered

They were going to throw them out at work so I grabbed them with the vague thought of a poor man's carboy running through my head. Besides dry storage, what can I do with them?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Brew something in them I'd suggest.


Looks like this but empty and no label.

lid isn't airtight, filled them up with water and shook them around and a few drops came out, would that still be alright for making wine/mead or does it need to be airtight?


If the lid doesn't quite seal and it's not rusty you'd be OK for fermenting. The headspace fills with carbon dioxide and keeps bacteria out. After that stage you'd probably want something else.


Ok, so if I'm fermenting would I need some kind of pressure release device? Drill a hole in the lid and put an airlock or something in there?

That would be a good idea, but if it leaks gas anyway you could manage without.


Make a big lamp with alcohol ink and led string lights!

You could make one of those musical sets where you put different amounts of water in each jar then tap the edge with a skewer or somthing of a similar sort. Willywoozle