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What would you like to see in a Knex gun? Answered

I've been thinking about making a good knex gun (and actually posting it).  Now, if you'll read this all the way through, I have a few choices for you. I've divided them into categories and sub-categories.

I want you to choose one choice out of each question in the category, and I will attempt to make a gun with the most-voted-for features. Of course I'll make it look nice, it will be sturdy, etc. Now, onto the choices.

It will be a ram/firing-pin gun.

Stock: Connector or Rod? Ammo Storage or no Ammo Storage? Mag Storage (Yes/No)?
Body: "Connector-WhiteRod-Connector" or "Connector-GreenRod-Connector"?
Barrel: Tube or Connector?
Mag: Removable (Yes/No)? Internal Pusher (Yes/No)?
Turret: Yes or No? (It's this or a magazine, but I might be able to fit both in there somehow if someone wants that.)
Mechanism: Simple True Trigger, Pump, Bolt-Action (Not recommended for connector ammo, but possible), or a Combination (such as the Logic Bow)?
Handle: Simple with Wheels, or something like Mepain's Knexsayer handle?
Handle Connections: Should it connect to the stock, barrel, etc?
Built-in Chainsaw: Yes or no? It'd be similar to a Lancer.
Guards: Trigger Guard (Yes/No)? Handle Guard (Yes/No) Foregrip Guard (Yes/No)?

That's all I can think of right now. Just copy/paste that form and fill it out in your comment.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and comment with your suggestions.



8 years ago

stock: connector
body: connector-green-connector
barrel: Connector
mag: Removable with Internal Pusher
turret: no
Mech: pump/slide action
Handle: knexsayer style
handle connection: the back of the barrel like on most AST rifles
built in chainsaw: no
gaurds: trigger guard


8 years ago

I hate to "bump" this, but I could really use some ideas for features and opinions on this, as I'm remaking my RAWR.

The Jamalam

8 years ago

Stock: Connector, so filled in. Mag storage.
Body: Connector-greenrod-connector.
Mag:Removable, internal pusher.
Turret: Yes, removeable and alternates with the mag.
Mechanism: Simple true trigger with pump.
Handle: Try the Mezak one? Use bendy rods for comfort.
Handle: Connects to body, not stock.
Chainsaw: NO.
Guards: Trigger guard. No other guards.


8 years ago

Now will it be simply for the sake of making a cool gun or will function be a top priority? Here's an enlightening thought either way, make a removable, prespun, turret. But yeah I find it rather pointless to make a gun that tries to work as well as possibly but is filled with a bunch of other random junk so it depends.


Reply 8 years ago

Functionality is the main thing. Looks are a bonus.


8 years ago

I'd like to see a knex gun that shoots water.

Jayefuucool bas3

Reply 8 years ago

Make that a challenge actually. I'd like to see knex shoot water. There's a patch and subscription for anyone who can do it. Improvements on the first one will earn the same if I think them worthy. :)


8 years ago

Note- if I don't really care, I'll just say IDK.(I don't know)

Stock: connector. IDK. Yes.
Body: Connector-GreenRod-Connector.
Mag: Yes. Yes.
Turret: no.
Mechanism: True Trig. Bolt-action.
Handle Conn.:Body.
Chainsaw: No.
Guards: Trigger only.

Well, that's my opinion.

This is kindof like a community gun.


8 years ago

STOCK: I think connectors are sturdier
BODY: Whatever kind you need. I personally prefer Connector-Green rod, but whatever floats your boat.
BARREL: Tubes are good for singleshots and turrets, but layered are good for mags.
TURRET: I just built a modded version of the TRv1, and now I love turrets, but they use a good amout of peices.
MECH: I like pumps more than bolts, I think they are easier and faster to pull back. But then you will probably need a sear system, which mine didn't work as good as a simple true trigger.
HANDLE: I think wheels are good, but I like the one on the Tempest more.
HANDLE CONNECTIONS: On my most recent guns, I attached around where the barrel meets the stock.
CHAINSAW: It is kinda useless, but cool... I'd say no, but whatever floats your boat.
TRIGGER: YES, but some are better without it.
HANDLE: DEPENDS, on some of my guns, my hands are kinda hanging at the bottom part of the handle, so no, unless there is still some room at the bottom of the handle.
FOREGRIP: I would say no, only because when people with big hands use it, it might not work too well for them.

Hope this helped!
And look at the forum I posted recently, it has some more questions about gun features.


Reply 8 years ago

I forgot mag...
MAG: Internal pusher and removable. Internal pushers don't stick out like external pushers. And I hate when there is a massive grey rod sticking out the bottom of a gun... ewie...


8 years ago

stock rod, no ammo or mag storage
body, connector green rod connector
barrel, connector
Mag, not removeable and no internal pushers!
turret, NO
Mech, bolt action
Handle, fancy handle with trigger guard, and wheels and very comfy
connect the handle to the barrel (duh?)
no chainsaw
Trigger guard, YES! no handle guard blah blah blah

Well, here's my gun i'd like! nice and simple!

DJ Radio

8 years ago

Stock: connector.  Ammo storage a plus.  No mag storage needed.
Body: Connector- Green rod-connector
Barrel: Tube
Mag: Removable.  
Turret: MAYBE
Mechanism: Maybe try the concept of pump+bolt action.  TD posted some diagrams of this.  I'd love to see you succeed where I failed.
Handle: Simple with wheels and a bendy rod.
Built in chainsaw: Hell, no.
Guards: MAYBE, if it seems to naturally fit in with the design.  Since I want to see that pump/bolt action mech, the foregrip has to be the pump.