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What you've made in Google SketchUp Answered

What have you made in sketchup? Do you have pictures of your sketchup models that you wish to share? If you have anything to show, please tell us about it!


Ok. Start with a circle as the base of your cone. Use the push/pull tool to extrude the circle into a cylinder. Use the scale tool to scale down the top of the cylinder. Continue to extrude/scale until the ends are rounded. (If you want the ends perfectly rounded, then use the follow me tool using a semicircle)

I made this glider a while back for a class assignment. It's not supposed to be any particular model, just a general sailplane.


Great design, but the wing are not long enough.

74' wingspan, 48' fuselage. But as I said, it's not a model of an actual sailplane, nor is it supposed to be a flying model. It was an entertaining beginner's SketchUp project.

I was Joking about the wingspan. :D

How long it take you to get to that level of skill?

About two hours...I played around with it for a bit beforehand, and made a chair from their tutorial online. Most of the extra skills that were required to make that glider I taught myself in the process.

Sounds like what I did when I first got it! I played around with it and made really dumb models, and doing that helped me gain a little bit of skills. It's easier to learn than Blender or 3D Studio Max... There's even a Google SketchUp for Dummies book! I checked it out at my local library recently, and I was amazed about what I didn't know how to do before! I need to post an instructable (soon) that explains the tools, how to use them in models, and make something cool...I'll work on that.

I know this isn't made in Google SketchUp, but I'm learning how to use Blender (free download at http://www.blender.org/), and it can produce photo-realistic renderings and animations without any additional plugins. Although Yafray and other raytracing plugins do a fine job with making things look more real. Here's a couple of renders I made! Some of them I made to be desktop backgrounds for my computer. On the others, I was just experimenting with different materials.

Windows01.jpgWindows03.jpgMaterial tests.jpgGlowingmaterials.jpgWindows02.jpg

Woah, that's so weird, I saw this right after I made my first successful thing in SketchUp! It was a boombox and I turned it into a papercraft using Pepakura. I'm trying to put it together now...

I have a boombox in the making in blender! but thats for something else

I just made a boombox because it was the easiest thing I could think of to make :P

I wanna see it when you finish it. :D

Here's my Xbox I'm going to mod, my water balloon cannon, and an interesting vehicle (based off of the Legway) the pedal-powered segway-the pedway!!!

xtop 360.pngWBL 2.pngLegway unit.png

Okay here's a question for everyone- has anyone ever heard/used the plug-in for Google SketchUp called SketchyPhysics?

I can never successfully model anything in sketchup.

. Get rid of those funky looking glasses and maybe you can see what you're doing. :P

Don't worry. That's the reason why I made this group! I'll post a few -ibles soon on some tips and tecniques for making that stuff in SketchUp.

I REALLY want tolearn how to, cuz I have a ton of vehicles I want to render. But at this time I haz no skillz.

Isn't Pepakura that shape thing that you can print out 3D shapes maps, cut them out, and glue them together? How do you do that?

Yep! On SketchUp you have to click on File < Export < 3D Model... and then it'll save it as a .kmz file. Then you open it in Pepakura and press the unfold button and it does all the dirty work for you.

So.........let's say I want to make a costume of me-I mean the...robot in my profile image. All I've got to do is download/install Pepakura (free right?), make a model of each piece, file/export/3D model, and unfold? Then I just cut out the pieces (they'd be small) and glue them together?

Yes. The only problem with Pepakura is that you can't save the stuff you unfold on it unless you pay $38 for a password or something but you can always just re-import it or scan it after you print it out.