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What's Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had? Answered

Tell me the weirdest thing you've dreamed of before?


Running from an avalanche of oranges down a local street......

My wife will hate this..... I dreamed i was suck under a big fat pregnant woman, and then I woke up and I was suck under a big fat pregnant woman.

I used to have a repeating dream. Couldn't see, like I needed glasses even though I have always had perfect eyesight. Everything else was hyperreal, though. This woman said she loved me, that "we're kind of stuck together, you know", came around and hugged me. Just as she said "I'll never leave you" I'd wake up. Fast forward until I'm 25, having had this dream countless times over the years with no variation. Suddenly it's a lucid dream. Somehow I reach up and wipe my eyes and feel the sting like I'd been crying all this time. And then I see her for the first time. I won't describe her for privacy's sake except that at first glance you could swear she had dark, almost black hair. Then as she turned her head, it lit on fire in the sunlight, showing the red it truly was underneath. This singular image transfixed me for, honestly until this day. I can't get her out of my head. The thing is, the next night the dream changed again. It was no longer the same dream at all, but it was another lucid dream. This time we were meeting for the first time. Every night, and many time multiple times per night, after that for about 2 months, another new dream, playing out like episodes of a TV show or like chapters in a book. In dream time it was more like 2 years of getting to know one another. Then I proposed to her. The next day, I woke up on a sad day. A close friend and adoptive grandmother, who was more of my grandmother than either of the ones genetically related to me ever were, had died, and that day it was her funeral. I helped get people parked then went inside just as it started. This family had tons of kids. I mean the second generation was something like 7 kids and their spouses, with the next generation being even bigger, with one of her kids having had 10. That part of the family lived in Alaska, so that's why they had so many kids. Anyway, that day of the funeral was a beautiful sunny day, warm but not hot, and perfect for remembering someone that shared so much happiness. And then I heard it. One of the things they did was have certain songs played. Usually in my congregation they either just play the songs or everyone sings or family members sing, but this time they had it prerecorded. The first song was from her three daughters, the second was sung by one of her granddaughters. It blew me away. I knew that voice. I immediately looked to the back of the program, where the pictures of the family was. I saw her there. It wasn't labeled as to who was who, but I knew her as soon as I saw her. When they announced who sang, I realized the first name was the same. Over the next week, while she was in town, I got the chance to talk to her a couple of times for maybe a minute total and unfortunately never got her number or anything. I kick myself to this day over that. The oddest thing about the dream was where it started. This was over a month and a half before the funeral and yet the dream of us meeting had several shocking similarities to our real meeting. She was in town for a very short time. Something sad had happened to get us to meet. Grandma wasn't there, which was odd because she was always around. her reactions, including the little ones you never notice until you've really known someone a while, were the same. All the little details were correct. The last name in the dream was different, but only in pronunciation and slightly in spelling, but it was mostly correct. And most remarkable her exact appearance, the sound of her voice, and her smell and everything about her physically was the same. It. Was. Her. I mean, how often does one literally meet the girl of their dreams, I mean literally literally? I've personally never heard of it happening, so it must be really rare.

I dreamed that I ate a giant marshmallow, to my horror, when I woke up my pillow was gone...

To me, some of the worst ones are when you "discover" you are somewhere (like at a public bus stop or at work) and you have nothing on but underwear and socks.....panic time !

According to one of those crazy books that I read, dreaming that one is naked shows a fear of open up to people. It shows that we are vulnerable to others criticism if others know everything about us. Sometimes dreams have psychological meanings that could help us understand ourselves.

Yes, sometimes they do, but often times those "meanings" are very personal...i.e. they don't apply to a lot of people "across the board" so to speak.

One thing they have determined is that, one of the reasons dreams are sometimes so weird is that one's "logic centers" are often disengaged.  This is one of the reasons it is difficult for some guys to dream "lucidly" (realize one is dreaming while they are dreaming).   Many women have better left to right and vice versa hemisphere comunication.  This isn't completely exclusive however.  For instance, I have had many lucid dreams, and can sometimes "plan" on having one.  BUT if I dream lucidly too often, conusion about what is real and what was a dream can creep into one's life, and that is just not a GOOD thing at all :-)  

I don't realloy know what your talking about.

Dreams where you find yourself standing in public or in school or at work, in your underwear or naked......I hate those kind of dreams.

LOL! I had one last month when I was at school and suddenly my cloths ripped off and I found myself running home mad at the whole school.

Tis ok, one day you'll have one of those where you stand there wondering how you "forgot to put pants on" type of dream....very strange feeling to be sure

my dreams are weird every time and i dont know witch one to pick but i dreamed of being on another planet with my cat then a monster attacked me and my cat launche a magma ball out of her mouth then we were sucked in to a black hole and tossed back here(i woke up 50 mins ago)

Once i dreamt about falling down out of the sky, really really fast. the ground was coming towards me at such high speed i couldnt keep my eyes open. Still i saw it all happen right in front of me!
I was naked, holding my cat in my arms wich was screamming in a manly voice. (RAAAAAAH!)
Everything on my body was flapping in the wind (flapflapflapflopflap) yes, it was disgusting to say the least...
On the way down i found myself ever so gently falling slower and slower, to the point i was floating.
i saw a man with a high hat playing on a platinum piano, dont know wich mellody, but it was something mellodramatic.
He looked at me and said: Hi there stranger, would you like a song to accompany you down to the ground with?
i believe i said: 'sure'
My cat said: WTF? YOU CRAZY?!
And there we went down again, falling, falling and falling.
My cat was screaming again, my eyes where tearing up and than...!
I woke up, fondeled my bedsheets and found out i took a massive dump in my bed wile my cat was scratching and meowing in the hallway...

If thats not weird, i dont know what is.

Short notice for explanational reasons:

I was sick... i mean, really sick.
I had a fever you could cook an egg with and i was taking med's for killing off an influensa from hell.
I dont generally take a sh*tsandwich to my bed, but that time i just couldnt help it...

I think I was in the army fighting North Koreans or the Chinese or something in World War 3, then my (female) CO wanted to talk to me in private, then I said I would catch up. So I went into the jungle, and there was my CO *ahem* which was *ahem* on the ground *ahem eekk* (notice: think green, yeah, it's that weird!) then my perspective shifted from my virtual body to some of my squad-mates watching us from afar with binoculars (I'm starting to suspect they set this up) then I think they were laughing... So back to my host body I started running for dear virtual virginity, then she was chasing me. I was running in the wrong direction, into enemy lines, then when I ran into a forward base, they were still eating breakfast, I drew out 2 Desert Eagles (I think 2020 weapons barely have recoil) and started on a Rambo-style rampage (no machine-guns? aw) and yeah Call of Duty redefined in true 3D HD coupled with weirdness I couldn't even dream about. Oh wait, I already did... 

I think that was a year ago when I was entering puberty (makes sense yeah?). This one was more recent, in the order of months.

Imagine getting stabbed by a longsword (the 1+ meter-long one) and not feeling anything.

What I really find weird are the 'false awakening' dreams, where you think you've woken up but you're still dreaming, and then really wake up and can remember the deeper dream, the dreamt awakening and the real awakening. There's a great example of this in the film "An American Werewolf in London".

Or, if you've seen the movie: Inseption.

Yes, sometimes called Lucid dreaming, especially if you "realize" while you are dreaming that you are indeed dreaming. It can have somre really marked effects on one's behavior. BTW:  females lucid dream more often them men do, although some of us guys have a pretty consistant record of it also. :-)  

Inception, Amazing film, Nuff Said.

You have to know the logic of it or your totally confused

I followed it quite well, but then, I am kind of accustomed to that kind of thing / thinking   :-)

Yeh, I could follow it. But my friend was just totally confused

Yes my wife was the same way....I had to explain nearly every change in scene, and she still didn't "get it".

Oh gosh! I hate it when I'm having a frightful dream, and I try to wake up, and in the dream I wake up and then the cycle just repeats itself over & over & over again!

LOL. I would wake up in my dream and then suddenly get everything I've ever thought of and then really wake up and go "Oh! No!".

I was Willy Wonka but my oompa loompas turned against me then i ended up somehow in my grandma's basement?! :)

I had one last night, I was visiting relatives (none of which I recognize o_0 ) and when I fell ill they started "taking care of me" and then I discovered, pretty late in the dream, when I was too weak to do anything about it, that they were poisoning me......lovely dream. *sigh*

oh! Wow! I stayed up last night too late for homework so...I was so tired that I don't remember the dream I had.

I killed someone with a regular Biro, that was one I didn't forget...
What on earth do you want to hear out of people's minds?


Maybe your dream has to do with represed hostility. Who is that someone that you kill in our dreams?

No one, no repressed hostility, just one of those things.


OK. I thought I would get several replies to this...

Dreams that involve falling or flying have to do with the experience of being held in someone's arms during our childhood, according to psychotherapists. Being naked to feeling vulnerable. Moving at great speed shows that we are stressed. Dreams may seem illogical at times but they can tell us about our primal motives and thoughts.

Yeah. I agree. When you dream, your brain is sending a message to you. It's like interacting with your brain. I was excited to go back to school and my dream before the day was I that I was at school and all the flaws at my school was fixed. I told my dad and he said that my brain wanted evrything at my school that's a mistake to be fixed.

Well, this morning I had this very strange dream. There was this instructable party thing. (the first time I've dreamt about instructables) I was looking around for all my instructabuds and then there was this creepy guy who was threatening to chop my dad and I up because we knew he had a bunch of apes. It was very strange!

You are going to write an instructable about that?

Then how come you put :D as a reply? :D

Oh, I think steveastrouk was just joking!

Sheesh, humour is just wasted on some people....

I posted a forum "He won't give free cookie" on the group "Join the darkside and get a free cookie" and for some reason only 1 out of like 15 people got the joke...