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What's Your Favorite Lady Gaga Song? Answered

What's your favorite song written by Lady Gaga? Please tell me.



6 years ago

I like the Skrillex version of Born This Way.

Sue me.

SEE you in court.

HA HA. Just kidding who doesn't love Skrillex.

Well, most of my friends, for one...

He's okay, but not the best dubstep artist out there.

I like the one she ripped off from Madonna... oh wait, isn't that most of her songs...

Telephone's awesome too

Its sooo hard 2 say.......all of her songs are a lot of fun,but I like Paparazzi,Bad Romance and Alejandro d best,they are EPIC.
And I couldnt care less about her guts,her vulgarity,sense of fashion,atrocious lyrics as long as i like her songs,and I think nobody should,coz,come on,she still has achieved more in life than any of us have or probably will:-D

i like the songs born this way,edge of glory,bad romance,i like it rough,poker face
paparazzi,judas,just dance,telephone and americano

my favirate song from lady gaga is born this way,i like it rough,bad romance,edge of glory,paparazzi.poker face and judas and marry the night.
shes the best alright.; .]

Born This Way. It has a really good meaning, and I can sing and play the piano to it!

Cool! I can play Papparazzi on guitar and sing to it! :D

Awesome! You should post a video of it or send it to me! I would love to see it!

Remember, I can't post videos becuase my camra's not talented. :(

Ah, rats! So your camera just doesn't take videos?

Well, I can, but there's no sound and the program progarmed to tranfer videos doesn't work. :(

so are you going to see if Terrel has a virus? :D

Well, I tried virus scans and downloads, but they both said they've found nothing. I have two virus programs and one download, but they said that there's nothing on your computer that's bad.

No song by that Sl*t have ever been good and they never will be, the only reason that people watch her videos is because weird men want to get a good perv and they are wasting there time. I have nothing good to say about her.
I am not pushing my views on anyone but I think people that like lady gaga are a bit weird.


would you like to be my friend?my name is jack

On what grounds? Also do you like Korn? I have just got See You On The Other Side for a christmas present!

On you hating Lady gaga.
Ive never heard of Korn, unless your talking bout yellow vegetables.

No I was not talking about my second favorite vegtable (my first being Brussel sprouts) I was talking about only the coolest ever band. Try looking up one of there songs like: Twist, Coming undone, Evolution or system.

Weird al's parody on born this way.

I think she just covers herself in glue and rolls around in random objects.

After reading about the Illuminati symbols evident on Lady GaGa songs, I feel scared listening to her. But I love "Bad Romance", "Alejandro" and "Judas".

normally hate her, but that one she did with marlin manson was aight

Born this way is a really good one, but her new one called judas is really catchy the only thing is that its really contriversial.


Reply 7 years ago

Yeah, I like "Poke-her-face" too!

Yeah. I got that joke last year from my friend.

Yay! Grilled Cheese sandwiches for all!!!!

Any song she doesn't actually sing ;-)