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Whats Your Ringtone On Your Cellular Device? Answered

Just out of curiosity, what is your current ring tone on your cell phone?
Include a title, soundbite, or even a video!

My ringtone


I swear to god. Artist: Rick Astley Song: Never Gonna Give You Up

Same here.

I got a LOT of wtf's when it went off at school the other day...

My ring tone is just that, ringing.

My gentle alarm is Duelling Banjos, and my it's-7am-you-have-30-minutes-to-get-the-boys-awake-and-ready-for-school alarm is something loud, with trumpets, that came with the phone.

I heard a funny one, though - a woman's phone "rang" in her handbag, it started shouting help, let me out, I only want to talk, I can't breath in here, there's no air...gasp..cough...please...

Always on the Run by Lenny Kravitz faeturing Slash.


9 years ago

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Tetris Theme (this week!) ... I just wish I could find the button that lets me upload the file!

I don't have a cell phone yet... :-(

I don't use a ringtone, i just always have it on vibrate.

how, how is that fail?

maybe, he says it alot because he is trying to deny thats what he is?

But its true, you'd think with all his computer skillz, he couldn't get himself a suitable ring for a cell phone...

I choose to have it on vibrate. End of. And actually for when i need a ringtone, i cut out the guitar solo of one of my fav songs.

Same with mine. I wish mine would just have a normal ringing sound

Same. I also used the little melody creator crap thingie on it to create a completely silent ringtone, and that's set just in case ;-)

Mine is David Allen Coe: "You Don't Have to Call Me Darling". It starts on the last verse "I was drunk, the day my mom got out of prison..." Like I mentioned before, it got a lot of laughs when it rang at church! MY mom doesn't really like it...

It is "When the Saints Go Marching In." I usually have it on silent because when I keep it in my locker, the school rule is that it must be turned off or on silent.