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What's a good first skateboard to get? Answered

I don't want the board to be too expensive incase I don't like skateboarding, but incase I do like skateboarding I want the board to last for more then a few months.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Don't go with the 30$ wall-mart brand skateboards... They are absolutely horrible and will even turn you off the sport =P, If you have a West49 near by or any other skate shop get a starter board. There a whole board, comes with trucks, wheels, bearings and grip tape so you don't have to worry about choosing all the different parts. There quite a good board and is all you need to get started into skateboarding :D


8 years ago

 It depends what you want.
if you want to do lots of flip tricks-varials, kikflips, heelflips, etc. then get a smaller board with lots of pop-organika, flip, plan B, atm

if you like ramp skating, then get a bigger board- almost, atm, 

for both as a good starter i would go with a plan b size 7.5 or 7.6

stay away from dunhams sprts, walmart, stores like that. if you go to walmart for your first board then you will probably end up on a scooter as your preference.
go to a local skate shop or park where there is a shop and tell some one at the desk you want a cheap decent board complete

trucks: i would buy core or thunder brand trucks

bearings: reds

wheels: definently spitfire

hardware: dosnt matter cuz its just nuts and bolts and screws (really, litteraly)

grip tape: this will probably come with the deck but if the person working there asks you wat you want say either mob, iron horse, or alien workshops.

if you want to grind on curbs you will need to put wax on them:
wax: sex wax, alien workshops

i hope this helps!

Zaphod Beeblebrox

8 years ago

dont go down the wrong path!!! longboarding!!!!!!