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What's a good, free webhost? Answered

I need a nice, free webhost that supports PHP. It doesnt matter whether or not it's a demo, as long as it works, I'm fine. Any suggestions?


I havent researched their plans (or if they offer 'free') but for cheap paid service, crystaltech.

example of crystaltech's awesomeness - on our small community forum, our billing email address was phased out, and they couldn't get in touch with us. The bill went overdue for 7 months and they left us plugged in. At that point, they SIGNED UP ON THE HOSTED FORUM and sent a pm to the admin (having assumed it was the right person, which it was). We paid, and they are happy. What kind of customer support do others offer? blah. none.


9 years ago

safe and free are not usually words you want to associate with web hosting.
i have experience with multiple web hosts, and am very in the know with web hosting and the like.

If you're looking for something that is easy to manage, i would reccommend google apps for your domain., you will need to search for the standard edition.

otherwise, zymic free web hosting looks legit, i have never used them, so don't take my word on that. link

even the really cheap web hosts are better fastdomain is cheap and is run by the same people who run bluehost, which ih ave seen good reviews for.

Hosting also will depend on what you plan to do with the site. if you could give details like:
-site purpose
-do you want a domain name (like instructables.com)?
-how much storage do you need?