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What's a good program that allows you to convert electric circuit schematics to breadboard drawings automatically? Answered

I have very little experience with working with breadboards. I've read tutorials about using them but I want to know if there's a program that could convert any electric circuit schematic I make into a breadboard equivalent automatically. 

After all, it would be nice to be able to work with my stuff on breadboards & achieve results, not put in stuff & find out it's not working because I don't know much & how to fix it.


What exactly is the problem ? Generally if you can count, you can use a breadboard. I don't know of any program that can do what you want

I have very little experience with using breadboards. I started using them recently for the first time.
I wanted to be able to fix components onto a breadboard for a piezoelectric generator, so what I did is find out a step-by-step tutorial & follow the directions for fixing each component(e.g. "insert the positive lead of the LED in cell 5E"). Without tutorials that tell me where to fix each part, I feel lost.
I know that there aren't tutorials for every single kind of circuit you could fix physically on breadboards, so I was just wondering if there were any programs where you could draw a circuit schematic & the program would be able to convert it into a breadboard drawing automatically. If such a thing existed, then by looking at the breadboard illustration generated, you could fix components into the right places instead of using trial & error.


2 years ago

CIRCAD can it is a super program, but the co$t...

It can also create a pcb scanned in using a copier.


2 years ago

Fritzing will let you draw up "CAD" breadboard, and I think it also can convert that into schematic form, and you can even develop basic PCB layouts in it, but it is a pretty basic tool, and was pretty buggy when I last used it.

However, it is not difficult to wire things up according to a schematic, depending on the complexity. I you have a hard time with it, you can print the schematic out on papers, place components on the board and make the connections, and with each connection you make, bold it out on the schematic so you know that it has already been connected.


Fritzing is the usual PCB / Schematic program I use It should have a Breadboard Window

Bread boards aren't too hard to use, Just remember that if you need 6 components to connect together, Use another row and connect it with a jumper wire