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What's a good way to recolor a wire's insulation? Answered

I'm making a portal-themed project. It uses two wires, ethernet, and USB. I have a blue ethernet cable, so I thought it would be cool to have an orange USB. Anyone know a good way to recolor a cable's insulation? I thought painting would be imperfect, since the original black USB might show through. But if nobody has anything better, then I guess painting would have to be it. Thanks, and, as always,
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EDIT: Could I just use normal household paint?



Best Answer 6 years ago

I've used Sharpie paint pens but the insulation should be of a lighter color shade than the color of the Sharpie for the best results.

Depends on the insulation material, I have painted electrical cords with acrylic paint and it sticks really good, almost bonds.


6 years ago

Easy, Use different colored shrink tube.


Do you mean to say that I should put shrink tube around the existing insulation?

Okay cool. Where can I get orange heat shrink? All the local shops have only white and black. Is there a way to make the tube a different color? Maybe paint the tube, then shrink it?

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I don't need a website name. I've looked through the first five pages of google before even posting this question.

Really? The very first page include several companies from which you can purchase the orange heat-shrink tubing you and user iceng discussed.

I live in the biggest little city in the world, and they have multiple shades of
shrink tube available here.

Where do you hang your coat ?

South Dakota. And none of the stores I can find carry orange. LOTS of yellow, and red. But no orange.

Did you try an automotive store? Like AutoZone? Their website says they have 6 different color choices (but they don't say which ones...) If that doesn't work, then buy some colored electrical tape and do that instead. Even I can get colored electrical tape in a dollar store up here. :)

GENIUS. I never thought to use electrical tape. That's probably what I will do. That or find clear tubing and color it with a paint pen. Thanks!

Try an automotive store. They'll have more colors to choose from. (Including orange). ;)

  • Pick a shrink tube diameter that just fits over the connector.
  • Pick a color of shrink tube that appeals to you.
  • Slide the 3' section of shrink tube over the wire.
  • Heat and shrink the tube to change the color of wire.
  • It is a standard houshold part in my abode.

+1 -- I've done this many times in restoring old radios. And, it is really handy when you have old, brittle insulation on a wire where it would be difficult to replace it. As long as you can get one end loose, you can push the heat shrink tube over the old wire, brittle insulation and all, and life is good.