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What's a maker to do? Answered

While my makings are scarce, I can safely qualify myself as a maker. Halloween is the maker's holiday, the one day of the year where you can make anything your heart desires, without anyone saying otherwise. And I get to miss out. I love making costumes, and I am jsut fascinated with the amount of cool yet easy costumes available on the internet each year. Well, my parents don't let me make aany of the ones I want. The answer- they require me to buy materials...... I am really sad. Last year, I saw the digitigrade(?) werewolf stilts. I was amazed at how easy it was! I made the stilts, and tried going for the full costume (They show how to make a werewolf costume step by step), but as soon as my parents learned I had to buy some fur, they put a stop to my making. That same year, I also found my ideal costume, a godzilla costume made from foam. You can guess the answer. Technically I could make it, from little scraps of foam from stores. My parents still said no, their justification was that after I make it, throwing it out was too hard (disposing of foam takes a lot of work). I have been nagging about that costume every month, but to no avail. This year, the guys that made the werewolf costume are at it again. This time, a cool dragon suit (Which I knew about since last year, I contacted them, and they gave me a cool piece of knowledge before anyone else!) I am not even gonna ask to make this one. Why must I love costumes? Any, just share any experiences where you've found ideal makes, but for some reason can't make them. Indy Mogul made a cool Hellboy Gun, which I was going to make an instructable of since they hadn't made one, but they (IM) said they were gonna make one too, they had jsut forgotten. By some sort of miracle, I'm still making the gun, and my parents haven't stopped me yet. I bought some plaster of paris, some 2x4s, a dowel, and other stuff. GuessI must be getting through to them? Finally, I leave you with this: Easy to make, but I have ***hole friends: (The second pic was the concept pic they showed me last year)


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9 years ago

Parents have mysterious motives. Sometimes they just need to know that you are serious about a project, and will actually follow through. ehem.. track record..ehem.

Sounds like you are "getting through to them." Good luck.

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If you earn your own money, would your parents let you spend it on what you wanted?

Or find an alternative "mentor" - get involved in an amateur dramatics group, and persuade them to put on things that need your style of costume.

Or is there a mardi-gras style carnival in your area? Get involved making costumes for one of the floats.

Or scale it down for a while - make puppets.

Trying any or all of those tactics could, in the long run, persuade your parents that uber-costumes are important enough to you that they should do more to support you.

Like I said, in most cases money is the reason, but I can make my own money. Thing is, they say that to dispose of the costume after I make it would be too hard. As for mentors or carnivals, sadly no. This is the wrong place for costume making........The only DIY makes that you can have others help is metal. I fear I'm the only maker here......*sniff*

Don't dispose of your costumes, then - sell them.

If you have the space, you could make a costume for one Hallowe'en, then store it until next October and sell it.

You could end up taking commissions...

I dunno, this place isn't really too fond of that......anyway, thanks kiteman, you've given some pretty useful advice!

Bring up my post or soemthing like that!