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What's a shifle? Answered

I saw one a couple of times. What's so special and what are they?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's a combination of the words shotgun and rifle. Basically a rifle with pump action, rifle meaning it shoots only one rod and no actual shot. There are a lot that are only single shots which makes them near useless but examples given below like mepain's repeat.

Mepain made a pump action gun that shoots yellow rods, and has Ipod killer's mag and handle on it. The inferno was supposed to be the Shifle 2.0, but it failed.

PS, they aren't that special, maybe they were in 2007, but not now.

Its a pump action rifle that can fire something like 50 rounds per minute, mepain has made one here and annother on KI called the inferno, they are special because they are powerful and have a rapid rate of fire.