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What's a use for 'continuous' printer paper? The stuff with the tear-off/hole-punched edges... Answered

I've got a carton of the stuff, and it's just sitting there. Plain white, unlined. I've been using single sheets at a time for drawings or notes, and just tossing the fringes out. They end up in random places around the house. Maybe a notebook? Somehow bind the pages together by the holes, then make it tearaway. Which still leaves half of the tear-stuff floating around. Filler for something? Any ideas?


Actually, if you have any left, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. :) I have an old dot matrix printer and I want to create the old BZZZZZZTTT! sound of it running for a retro computer build. Let me know!

Didn't any of you guys used to rip the edges of and fold them together to make those long accordions? With a whole box just imagine how long you could make it!


8 years ago

Throw it in a shredder and watch each page being pulled to it's death... O,what's that...u wanted a more useful idea...I'm afraid that's all I got.... :(

Back when we first made the switch, we used to tear off individual sheets and use them in our old laser printer. Note, this led us to a lot of paper jams. Then we gave half of the box to a couple young children for crayon time. They did a good job of using it all up by the time they got older and into other things. The rest? I used it for notes for a couple of years... but eventually we had to send almost half a box of mildewy paper to the recyclers. YOU might consider taking the stack to a nearby print or copy shop. If they have a nice guillotine, they'll be able to cut the perforated edges off for you... leaving you with a pile of very-close-to-letter-sized loose office paper. I can't imagine they'll charge more than a few bucks for this service.

Officially it's "tractor feed" paper - man I miss dot matrix printers... wait, no I don't. I hate dot matrix printers :S if you rip the edges off, you can use it in a dot matrix printer for a really long banner - if you tell the printer the paper is continuous.

nix that - you can use it in an INKJET printer...


8 years ago

I like the notebook idea. You would oly need some yarn... of course... you could continuously print on it,