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What's a voltage trigger and where can I buy it? Answered

Science fair once again. I'm really starting to hate science..... Anyway, now I just need a voltage trigger. 1381-G voltagre trigger IC. Any major place where I can find this? Due nov 17.......


If all you are after is a solar engine, I've had success with the flashing LED solar engine-It's called the "trimet" in the PDF to which you linked. It basically consists of a transistor, a capacitor, a resistor or two, and a flashing LED (as in one that blinks when a steady current is applied). If you just use a single capacitor instead of three, you get basically the same thing, albeit a little less efficient, but with easier-to-find parts. Since the capacitors are connected in parallel in that circuit, they can all be replaced by one with a capacitance equal to the sum of the three capacitances.

I built a Symet from the Junkbots book before I had even discovered Make or Instructables...it happened to be in the robotics section of the Topeka public library.

Hi, Keith-Kid. According to your profile, you're in PR. I'm not sure what you've got down in San Juan -- you said Radio Shack doesn't carry the 1381-G's. Fry's would carry such things; in the San Francisco area Jameco is one of the best low-volume places (i.e., you can buy just one or two). Sorry I can't be more help.


9 years ago

Are you building a "solar engine" ? There are some other versions that use more common components; the voltage trigger is particularly convenient and efficient, but it's not the only game in town. Page full of solar engine schematics
If you gave us more info, we might have better advice.

. Panasonic makes a 1381-G. If you can't find it at any of the local hobby shops, try an industrial electronics/electrical supplier (may have to pay a premium to buy just one). Check the Yellow pages.

I wanna avoid online. I'm looking for an actual store. Radioshack doesn't have em....

  • I'm looking for an actual store.
I don't think you'll find one. Outside of BEAM robotics, you're look at what is a pretty specialized industrial component used to monitor the power supply during the transients associated with power-up. I wouldn't expect to be able to find one here in the middle of silicon valley without an extensive search; your chances of finding one (as in retail) in less traveled places are probably worse...

Well, at least I didn't see it on their website......

I don't have time to order online, the deadline's coming up soon......Anyway, I'm basically looking for some place that carries electronics or any other name I can use to find the voltage trigger....

In that case, you need the yellow pages...


9 years ago

Hmm. A "voltage trigger" sounds alot like a comparator to me.

Of course, if you're working strictly from a schematic and not designing your own circuit you might need that exact IC--especially for a simple BEAM robot. If not radioshack, carries the LM339 quad comparator. Four "voltage triggers" in one...

But a general comparator isn't preset for one voltage level like your 1381-G (2.4 to 2.6V.) You'd need a couple resistors to create a voltage reference.

IDK what is that component but the name sounds like something you can replace with a N555


9 years ago

November 17 is when my friend can get his license! :D