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Whats been made allready - UPDATED Answered

Here is a list of all the questions answered...

# How to Write a Cover Letter - DONE
# How to Potty Train a Child - DONE
# How to house train a puppy - DONE
# How to get sap or resin off of a car - DONE
# How to build a baby gate
# How to moonwalk
# Tips for being a Gothic Lolita
# How to land a plane - DONE
# What to do in a car crash - DONE
# Push start a car - DONE
# Jump a Dead Car Battery - DONE
# How to split logs
# How to roast a pig
# How to make a corsage
# How to silence your critics
# How to kick-start a motorcycle - DONE
# How to get rid of foot fungus
# Pick a hat that looks good on you - DONE
# How to eat healthy - DONE
# How to meet girls - DONE
# How to meet guys
# How to do laundry - DONE
# Get rid of circles under your eyes - DONE
# How to look younger
# How to cope with aging
# Politely end a conversation
# How to leave school early - DONE
# How to give a hickey
# How to hide a hickey
# How to look good
# How to be attractive
# Get a free upgrade to first class - DONE
# Sneak into large events - DONE
# How to retire young
# Stock Investment Tips - DONE
# How to improve eyesight - DONE
# Properly stretch before exercise
# How to be a rock star
# Increase battery life for electronics - DONE
# How to Identify Constellations
# Get rid of woodpeckers
# How to get rid of unwanted animals - DONE

If another instructable has been made already, let me know and I will update it...

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Oh, and when I figure this one ( # How to cope with aging ) out I will let you know.....LOL "I may get older, but I refuse to grow up!" ;-)

LOL! Most of us does not want to grow up into elderly at all, but we have to! Its life!

Ah, but to keep the fires of youthful thinking alive, the imagination aflame, the constant need to "discover" and experiment.....these I will never loose (until I stop breathing ;-) even though my body grows old and decrepit LOL

When we get the axe back from the police I'll do how to split logs, three methods, or maybe go with the two most common ones... I may also get my how to be attractive together, been doing my research the one way I know how... Experimentation...

ever use a Monster Maul ? :-) I had the BIG one before it was phased out, long time ago.

I don't know, is that a very big heavy axe, something like a special made ten pound axe, one bored day one big grinder....

here is the current 12 lb version of the MM. and the second one it the 15 lb one I had....


So that's specifically for splitting then? it looks that way... Swinging ten pound all day at a tree is tiring, that may be really too much, or possibly save me energy...

Oh yes, sorry....I forgot about that. Yeah a maul is not for chopping down a tree, just for splitting the wood once you have the tree down. :-)

I was considering building one of them out of an old high lift jack when I was chopping down a lot of trees, most of them were only about six inches thick so I just took a few monster swings with the axe and climbed to the top, it's touch and go because you have to drag it down while swinging on to the top to ride it to the ground...

Next time I go camping or have a tree to cut down, if we cut the other tree down it'll be in the garden and Ill have to use the car, last time I smoked the clutch though...

Some kids broke in and stole it... They are obviously going to take back the ten pound axe... Not surprised they did either, those wretches wreck everything, the older ones sit and drink near there, they all sat and watched me hack down a big tree in a day and as result don't bother us... The wee ones have akind of impunity since there is little you can do to a minor under twelve by the law, the parents aren't fussed either, lately all is well...

Not really it's all calmed down a fair bit... I've got a really cool little 'ible coming soon... It can roar and scream and has three parts...

A smurf hooker with a fake arm and a peg leg, get a bit of pocket size action on the go...

If you feel that you can make a better instructable than one that has already been listed, feel free to do so. They choose the best ones, and not all of them win a prize.

You missed how to kick start a motorbike and its been done

Oh, sorry, thanks for telling me, I will fix it...

I just wrote the battery life improvement instructable today, and I didn't notice I missed the cutoff deadline by 2 days. Man, my luck is kinda bad. Oh well. I can always enter in another one.

If anyone wants to take a look, click here. I want to know if it's any good.

That's a long list. I like long lists.

Why do you want to eat paper anyway?

A medical condition called pica makes people want to eat non-food items, often including paper, as well as clay, dirt, ice, etc. It's caused by an iron deficiency. So maybe he should eat a shovel instead of this list. :P

Eww! So how do they live without eating any food?

They do eat food, they just crave non-food items as well.

Maybe cuz.... I have this new Mountain Dew it's called Mountain Dew Voltage, with Raspberry Citrus flavor, ginseng, and 76g of sugar!

Paper is bleached. Maybe he likes bleach. Or maybe he has Mountain Dew Voltage, Rasberry Falvor in his ink cartrige.

There are several ibles on moonwalking and corsages, and at least one on woodpeckers and one on footfungus.

It's called "already". Only one L

I know, I am just doing it for fun...