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Whats been made allready Answered

Here is a list of all the questions answered as of Saturday 17th - Midday # How to Write a Cover Letter # How to Potty Train a Child - DONE # How to house train a puppy # How to get sap or resin off of a car # How to build a baby gate # How to moonwalk # Tips for being a Gothic Lolita # How to land a plane # What to do in a car crash - DONE # Push start a car # Jump a Dead Car Battery # How to split logs # How to roast a pig # How to make a corsage # How to silence your critics # How to kick-start a motorcycle # How to get rid of foot fungus # Pick a hat that looks good on you - DONE # How to eat healthy - DONE # How to meet girls # How to meet guys # How to do laundry - DONE # Get rid of circles under your eyes # How to look younger # How to cope with aging # Politely end a conversation # How to leave school early - DONE # How to give a hickey # How to hide a hickey # How to look good # How to be attractive # Get a free upgrade to first class - DONE # Sneak into large events - DONE # How to retire young # Stock Investment Tips - DONE # How to improve eyesight - DONE # Properly stretch before exercise # How to be a rock star # Increase battery life for electronics # How to Identify Constellations # Get rid of woodpeckers # How to get rid of unwanted animals - DONE


so who won??


I'm trying to convince Dad create an account and do "how to land a plane".

Cool, if he dosent want to you could probbaly find basic instructions on the internet

He agreed to do it!

It's really funny to watch movies that have airplane scenes with him. The pilot actors are acting all serious pushing random buttons, while Dad's asking why they just raised the landing gear while still on the tarmac :P.

He said he's got two pages done, but it hasn't really covered anything yet. That's how complicated it is! (I asked him to type it in Word first, he doesn't know how to organize an iBle. I'm going to do that for him).

It is, and that really happened.

I have out-of-state family over so I've had no time to work on it. :( Oh well, bad timing for this contest.

Dear Spl1nt3rC3ll's Dad,

Please make an account and write an Instructable about landing planes.

Yours Sincerely,


I was considering doing it... But I don't have many pics from last time I was flying... My aerobatics weren't conducive to taking pictures, the pilot was only used to operating within the standard limits, he near took a hernia...

What kind of plane do you fly? Dad's a commercial airline pilot, but he has experience in other types of planes too.

I was in the air cadets, flew a Grob tutor and a cessna 150... I did once or twice get a go in the 'chute clubs caravan, not half bad pretty powerful for a 12 man but not very manoeuvrable. The Tutor is an excellent wee machine, though half cubans can be touch and go since it's not all that powerful...

I wondered about that, maybe the terrorists need some... uh, you know... Guinea pigs.

how to silence your critics is done

jump start a car has a few nice entrys ,i was trying to make one that would be safe as well as informative .after posting it i looked at other entrys . Knarx's sad little car made my day.if you wont vote for mine then please vote for his

Okay, I flagged it as spam...
LOL! I was just joking! Very good instructable you made! :)

Can you update it please?

How to write a cover letter is done!

between me and you, as long as it has 2+ steps and over 20 word total, its definitely going to be better :P

Okay, I did it!!! Increase battery life for electronics I hope you like it...

hang on a minute it was 4am when you wrote that....... lol were becoming nocturnal, funny thing is ive been awake for 20 hours and im not tired yet....

Ah that's just usual for me... It's so easy to do in summer aswell, I don't have to deal with getting my brothers to school so I have no sleep schedule whatsoever...

My instructable will have more than three steps and well over 50 words.

Update this please.


10 years ago

Doesn't mean someone else can't make a better one....

yea i know, just letting people know what ones have already been covered, we want to answer all the questions

oh and i just did the Stock Trading Tips one