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Whats better an alienware x51 or an Aurora (read Description)? Answered

I have heard from many people that alienwares are kinda the best computers. Well i went to the website on desktops. http://www.alienware.com/Landings/desktops.aspx

and i saw the X51 and the aurora

The only things i want to do on a computer is play minecraft (and Modpacks) at Good settings, talk on skype, and if needed run a Modpack server (like Tekkit) for 4 of my friends.

the Aurora seems more expensive but can hold 32ram (which is used for minecraft servers)

if there is a better place to buy computers for the reasons above
place a link below 


Even running a minecraft server for a few friends won't need more than 8Gb. RAM isn't really a major consideration when plying mindcraft. As long as you have 1 or 2 gigs available you'll be fine. Even with mod packs. What slows things down is the video card. The key to the server side is CPU power. More sore/CPUs the better.

Alienware is good, they are owned by Dell. You can also look at the offerings from iBuyPower, and Cyberpower. Look at multiple options cause they will all have similar offerings with similar specs. So go with the one that offers what you need for the best price and the best warranty. Also check parts retailers like Tigerdirect and Newegg. Price out the parts you want and see if you could build one on your own for less. If you have an old desktop some of those components could move over to the new system and save you some money.

Get a nice 6 or 8 core CPU and you'll be fine for small minecraft server things. But if you plan to start up something large like Mindcrack you'll want an actual server. Another limitation to running a server would be your internet connection speed.

But any gaming system you get from the above 3 mentioned manufactures will give you more than enough to run mindcraft and mods.

well i dont want a huge server only for like 6-7(including me) people want the server sorta to have no lag like the one in this vid (http://youtu.be/ZJdF4PAVqiM) how would i check my internet connection and what is a good speed.

If you want no lag then you will need a commercial grade internet connection. Use speedtest.net to check what your upload and download speeds are. The download will be faster than the upload. You'll want 3Mb to 5Mb of reliable upload speed to support about 7 people. In most cases regular internet service doesn't exceed 1Mb or 2Mb upload. With a commercial connection it's much better. But you pay a lot more too. Also look at your ping. The higher the number the longer it takes for you to comunicate with the ISP slowing things down. It's typically not an issue.

Even with great hardware and internet connection there will be times you hit lag spikes. Especially with mods as they are never 100% stable. You get too many entities in a single area and it slows the whole system down.

Keep the discussion here. I will not respond to any further messages from you on this subject. Others may find this information vary useful. If it's stuck in PMs no one gets anything from it.

sooo i got 51Mbps on download speed and 11.67Mbps on upload speed? Ping was 12-14ms and it said for national Grade 85 on the speed test (comcast cable). and does it help that the people i want on my server live only 2-3 miles away

internet connection is fine!

The closer they are the lower there ping will be between thier machine and yours.

Yes. Any 6 or 8 core CPU will work fine. If you get an actual server then you could have a pair of 6 or 8 core CPUs.

3.0GHz or higher.throw 8 to 10 gigs of ram and have a good video card and your set. May want more ram is you plan to record and edit video .

So I can run a server for 6-7 people? with this internet connection?