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Whats it take for someone to get featured? Answered

More explanation, more photos, hand-job?



Best Answer 9 years ago

'more' does not mean better :D

QUALITY over QUANTITY any day.

Sharp photos, good writing form, grammar, and spelling. Thorough instructions are all very important.

Finding a unique solution (or writing an old solution in a unique way) will get it featured - if the above 'qualities' fit. You can have the greatest idea ever, but if you write it as if you're in kindergarten then it's never gonna get the feature. Likewise, if you write VERY elaborate instructions with PERFECTLY SHARP pictures of..."how to lift your hand to your face" - you wont get a feature.

If you're curious, ask a mod about one of your ibles, and say "what does my ible need improved to be feature-worthy?" - they'll give constructive criticism.

hand job doesnt work via http.

hi, I am a new member to instructables, working on my first ible. just wanted to clarify, what or who is a mod and where can I email them:)

Canida, noah, eric, kiteman, Randofo, fungus amungus, etc, anybody that doesn't talk to anyone... except canida sometimes does.

I'm not a mod, just on the Feature team, and I talk to lots of people! The others are admins.

. There are no moderators (mods) as such. There is staff, listed on the About page (link at bottom of page), and the Feature Team. No official list of FT members that I know of - they're a shy bunch. I'm on the FT and I'm not sure who all the other team members are. :) . PM me (clicking on my nick will take you to my personal page and then you can click on Private Message Me) and I'll do what I can. Most of the other FT members are willing to critique - just PM them (when you figure out who they are). Off the top of my head, there's Kiteman, randofo, kelseymh, and I think Lithium Rain. Several others that I'm forgetting for the moment.

The identities of all members of the Feature Team is kept secret and from each other to prevent the accidental implementation of the Full Feature Amageddon code. Knowingly outing the Feature Team members besides speculating on the usual suspects is prohibited under the redacted bylaws of the Feature Team. You may be prohibited from wearing the ceremonial moose-like headgear if found to be in violation of such fine print.

Thats a good question...I know kiteman for sure is a 'feature' person...