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What's the amperage rating of the K'Nex electric motor? Answered

I recently purchased a small lot of K'Nex parts to add to my collection. Included in the lot was the 12-volt K'Nex electric motor that you plug into a wall outlet. Unfortunately, the lot did not include the box/documentation for the motor, and more importantly, it did not include the AC adapter required to run the motor. I have a big box of AC adapters from various electronics collected over the years, so I likely have one that is a suitable replacement. However, I can't seem to find out what the amp draw is for the motor. I've looked elsewhere on the web but have not been able to find this information. So I was wondering if someone who actually has the original AC adapter for the motor can look at it and give me it's specifications and perhaps a model number? Thanks!


Here's specifications I found on the back of the AC Adaptor: Model : STA-4112C Input: 120VAC 60Hz 12W Output: 12VDC 500mA Class 2 Transformer I hope this helps!


8 years ago

It doesn't matter how many amps the power adaptor gives. Just make sure its 12 volts and over 500 ma

Well, yes, I know that the device will only draw what it needs, so having a higher rated adapter is not a problem. But I was actually worried about my adapter being rated below the required amperage.

Anyway, thanks guys. You've helped a lot. Especially you, Shadowman39.