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What's the best DIY Arduino clone? Answered

Hi everyone. I live in Mexico, and getting an Arduino is hard, not to mention way more expensive than the $30 US version. I was looking for some Arduino clones that you can do yourself (Open source, no kits) but since I've never used an Arduino I don't know how to compare them and decide wich is the best.

I hope someone experienced on Arduino and Arduino clones can help me out.

Thanks in advance. Cheers!



Best Answer 8 years ago

http://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/arduino i found original duemilenove there for about US $34,00. If you want to get more cheaper buy only the atmega with bootloader and do it your self... the other components all together costs less than US$ 5. You can find instructions in arduino.cc to make an arduino breadboard. If you know somebody that have an arduino you can ask to use it to burn the boot loader in a atmega chip using the new IDE function... i did it already and it works like a charm. Including a breadboard and 328 chip , made an arduino for about US$ 13,00. And here in Brasil all electronic material costs much more than in mexico.


Answer 8 years ago

Substituting one proprietary solution for another is clearly not a good solution for the OP


8 years ago

All you need to make an "Arduino" is something to program an ATmega 168 or 328 chip with the bootloader. There are some so-called "guerilla" programmers, which bit bang a parallel port to do it, or you can buy a real programmer for less than the cost of a "real" arduino.