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Whats the best K'nex RBG on this site that is semi auto and looks pretty good? Answered

I need a good knex RBG gun thats made of knex that has a stock good barrel and is semi auto please help me out people!



Best Answer 8 years ago

<a href="http://www.ncgraphicarts.com/ryan/rbgun.htm">http://www.ncgraphicarts.com/ryan/rbgun.htm</a><br />That was the first knex gun ever made.<br />It has instructions, was made on mlcad and it has a true trigger.<br />Hope that helped!<br />

please best answer mine! It will be my first!

my knex rbg sniper is better

Gnasher RBG is a good one, but its lever action with no stock. There was a semi auto RBG with safety, but it just had a mech.