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What's the best audio remix or electronic composing software for beginners? Answered

I'd love to be able to remix audio or songs I love. I'd also like to start composing my own electronic music, a la Deadmau5 and Dan Deacon. Since I've never done this, I need an easy-to-operate software that can run on my PC. (Windows 7)


I think Acid XPress 7.0, it's free and you can download beats and loops from their website. It might take a little getting used to but it's totally worth it.
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.  For capturing, mixing, &c music, it's hard to beat Audacity.

+1 for the Audacity. Any ideas on the composing?

My school uses Sibelius.  It's very good, but it's expensive (the "student's homework" version costs £89!)

Finale, I think, is a great notation program. There 4 versions, costing 50 bucks for the cheapest.

If you want to go for free notation, Anvil Studio should be your best choice. That's what I used until I got a mac (hooray for garageband!)

For synthesizer programs, you can go here:

I never needed a synthesizer, so I couldn't really tell you which one is best. Also, before asking about software in forums, I recommend you to search around in freebyte.com. It has a bazillion links to any free (and not free) software for machines running windows.