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What's the best book for making fireworks in the UK? Answered

I live in the UK. I would like to start making fireworks and would like a book on that subject. What would you suggest buying, and where can i get it? Thanks



Best Answer 9 years ago

Unlicensed pyrotechnic manufacture in the UK contravenes several laws - Health & Safety regulations, Firearms laws and anti-terrorism laws at least.

When I first thought of making small rockets (google for the 5 cent sugar rocket), I decided to check with the local plod to make sure I wouldn't get in trouble for launching rockets half the size of a pencil. They passed me over to the firearms squad, who politely asked me not to do it, because of the huge amount of paperwork they'd have to do when they arrested me.

(I didn't leave my contact details.)

Having said that, you could do a lot worse than starting with the Rogue Science website, particularly the energetic materials section.

I thought you can make and use 100grams of BP for whatever you want legally. Oh well, the local police officers are over half an hour away from me by car (we live right in the country).

Here we go:

9. - (1) Subject to paragraph (2), no person shall manufacture explosives unless he holds a licence for that manufacture and complies with the conditions of that licence.

(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to -

(a)' the manufacture of explosives for the purpose of laboratory analysis, testing, demonstration or experimentation (but not for practical use or sale) where the total quantity of explosives being manufactured at any time does not exceed 100 grams', but nothing in this sub-paragraph shall be taken as authorising any acquisition or keeping of explosives for which an explosives certificate is required by virtue of regulation 7 of those Regulations, without such a certificate;

(b) the making or unmaking of small arms ammunition, or the preparation of cartridges for use with firearms which are to be used at historical re-enactment events, where the total quantity of primer and propellant used at any one time does not exceed 2 kilograms and, for these purposes, the quantity of propellant used includes propellant removed from cartridges;

(c) the preparation of shot firing charges in connection with their use;

(d) the preparation, assembly, disassembly and fusing of firework displays at the place of intended use;

(e) the preparation, assembly and fusing of fireworks, in quantities of no more than 10 kilograms at a time, at a site in relation to which a person holds a licence or registration for the storage of explosives, for the purposes of a firework display to be put on by that person;

(f) the preparation, assembly and fusing of explosives commissioned for use in theatrical, television or cinematic special effects;

So,according to this i can make 100 grams of explosives for 'laboratory analysis, testing, demonstration or experimentation' AND i can make 10 kilo's of fireworks if i get a license (which meens if i do end up with more than 100 grams of explosive, it's not that big of a deal, and the crime is not a very serios offence).