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Whats the best height for a spring pole lathe? Answered

 Ive been interested in building a spring pole lathe and have noticed many are about 8 feet tall. Im planning on using a bungee cord as the spring so as long as theres room for the spring to stretch would 6 feet work as well. Thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's not the height that is important, but the travel.

The end of the treadle moves a couple of feet, so your bungee should stretch that far with boing to spare.

 I found this picture on google images and it looks like the pedals a foot above the ground, would a spindle 36 inches tall and the bungee 36 inches above that spin as fast as a bungee 48 inches above the ground and have enough travel  


.  RPM are determined by rope speed and diameter of the pulley/piece and has nothing to do with length of the rope. The height/length is just to make sure you have enough stretch in your rope or it would be very difficult to press the pedal near the end of its travel.

 theres no pulley, the ropes tied to the pedal, wrapped around the pies your turning and tied to the bungee

I bet it could be shortened a bit and still work. You might have to find a stronger bungie to make up for the shorter throw, or mount the spindle a little closer to the ground, but it would still work.Otherwise, you could mount the spring pole supports at an angle toward the back of the lathe, instead of straight up. It would add some depth to the footprint, but you'd reduce the height.